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I Jumped Right Into A New Journey!

By now a good portion of the internet has seen Steve Harvey’s “Jump” video. We don’t stand on the sidelines or cliff edge & watch other people soar by, we are all meant to “jump” too. Take a risk, move out of your comfort zone, live your dream, work your passion, try something new; whatever is calling to you, “JUMP”!  We all need to trust God & take that step of faith into His plans for us.

I have always been creative. It’s in my DNA, it’s how I breathe, think & move through life. It took me a very long time to gain the self-confidence to trust that this was a good thing. A blessing. Once I embraced that blessing, I also realized it was important to bless others with my creativity. A special hand-crafted gift, helping someone else explore their creative journey, learn a new technique or tool, or simply sharing a blessing to make someone smile & brighten their day. I love being creative & I love sharing my creativity.

I made some decisions last year to “jump” into a new adventure. I wanted to change-up the same old, same old. So I came up with SASS, Sassy Angel’S Studio. My good friends & customers have been the Sassy Angel StamperS for a couple of years now.

I also made the decision early December to resign from Stampin’ Up! I had been a demonstrator for 8 years but recent changes & the company’s direction were no longer a comfortable fit for my ladies & me. It was a good run but sometimes you just know it’s time to move on.

So what do you do when you have a great group of ladies who like to learn & take classes? You “JUMP” right into a new journey! I am now a Fun Stampers Journey Coach! Woohoo! Coach fits so well with sharing & teaching.

FSJ Journey Coach Logo

My new kit arrives today and I’ll be creating with a fresh new perspective in no time. What do I like about Fun Stampers Journey? What’s not to like? They have wonderful deep etched red rubber stamps many with matching dies to make creating a breeze. Cardstock & patterned paper for card making, scrapbooks, mixed media & more. A wide variety of mixed media supplies, tools & embellishments for great techniques & any creative adventure you can dream of. I am so excited to share this journey with you!

If you would like a catalog or more information email me.

I will be posting more class info soon.

You will still see a variety of projects here with a variety of different products. After 30+ years of creating in papercrafts, I have a huge variety of stamps & supplies. As a good steward of what I have been blessed with it would be foolish not to use what I have.  The majority of my classes & clubs will be Fun Stampers Journey based, a girl’s got to have funds to have fun!

(I already had a couple of classes in the works before I became a coach so the next couple I post will not be FSJ based.)


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One of a Kind

Wow the past couple of weeks have just been off kilter. Was going for an average of 3 posts a week & have either been running non-stop or flat out with bronchitis. Still trying to work on a schedule balance.

Even in the craziness blessings pop up. My friend Mitzi posted for sale this beautiful island/work station her husband Lloyd crafted out of a vintage work bench, with a vintage marble counter top & vintage yardsticks that he inlaid on the top. I’m thinking great artroom work top & do I dare ask the price but couldn’t resist checking it out up close & personal. I’ve been trying to be good budget wise but I really liked this island so I bought it & now it’s in my studio ready to use. It’s the perfect counter top height to work at. I think it’s fabulous and every home should have a unique one of a kind creation.



Here is the top in detail.



After I get the rest of the studio cleaned up to be useful again, I can go back to creating where I’m supposed to. It’s going to be a juggling act the whole time we are fixing the house up to sell, stage & finding a new home. Part of my stuff is already packed & many items have shifted thus the mess. Much more can be packed or purged.  I need to keep designing for club, classes & blessings so will make it work.

One of my biggest revelations in the midst of all the chaos is that if it is causing me unnecessary stress, it’s time for it to move on or be tossed. Refreshing. A lot of stuff may be finding a new home real soon or the recycle bin.

We are praying that God will have the perfect home for us with space for classes & ministry work. We would greatly appreciate if you join us in that prayer.

Go after your dreams this week and do something creative.



Budget & Stash Stretchers, Cards

Budget & Stash Stretchers #1



Purchasing a stamp set can be an investment if you are on a budget. It is helpful if it can be used for different occasions or holidays. This Sweet Snowman by Penny Black is a great example of versatility. I created these as Christmas cards but this little guy can also be used for a winter birthday, anniversary or congratulations. Or if you know someone who just loves snowman, he can easily be used all year. So next time you pull out a stamp set or consider purchasing one, consider what types of cards, occasions or even mixed media art they might be used in. An old artist caveat is>>>>if you can use it at least 3 different ways it is probably a good purchase.

I will endeavor over the course of the next year to provide ideas for using what you have, shopping your stash, stretching your dollars and thinking outside of the creative box. You don’t have to always purchase the latest/greatest new or most expensive art supply on the market. Believe it or not, I enjoy using my Crayola Pencils just as much as my Prismacolors. One is very affordable, one is on the pricey side but I can usually get similar results with both. These snowmen were colored with a Crayola Pencil Set. My secret to colored pencils is to have a good blender pencil on hand to smooth out my strokes. Easily makes my Prismacolors & Crayolas look surprisingly similar in results.

I have often heard it said to buy the best you can afford. After a lifetime of creating, I am not convinced that’s a good statement. I can often get similar results from all price points of art supplies. There are some cheap supplies that are truly cheap & you can’t do much with them. But there are some that produce fabulous results for little money.  Now if I was a fine artist I might be more concerned about pigment levels & quality. But I’m not Picasso nor do I exhibit in galleries. I create for the joy of creating & blessing others.

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more Budget & Stash Stretcher ideas.

Find some time to be creative this week.



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Traveling Home & Faith Based Art

Yesterday’s drive home proved interesting. We spent the week in Branson trying to relax & well the resort wasn’t the greatest. We booked too late to get into one of our favorites so tried a new one, big flop. So we decided to come home a day early & enjoy the drive. We headed towards Springfield for gas, lunch & a bit of shopping. We decided on Logans Roadhouse for steaks. Our waitress seemed a bit ditzy & was definitely slow but the food was good. I usually pre-bus the tables by stacking our plates & cleaning up (comes from having a daughter who waitressed). Well hubby tried to help & in the process knocked his full glass of coke over, giving me a coke bath. I told him “thanks, I love you too”. Now wet & cold, we both stand up next to our booth & attempt to mop the spill with our 2 small paper napkins. Our waitress comes over & asks if we are ready for dessert? Really? There’s a huge spill, we are standing by the table & she’s oblivious.  Me: No there’s been a spill & we need clean up.  Waitress: Oh, well. Would you like to-go drinks? Ha-ha-ha. Obviously she’s on another planet. Hubby goes out to the car for my duffle so I can put on dry clothes & our waitress returns with our check & asks if I’d like a couple of napkins to dry off. Really? I don’t think napkins are going to do any good at this point. There were diners at the table next to us, so in an effort not to disturb them further, I move around the corner towards the hostess station. The hostess asks if she can find our waitress, when the manager appears, politely says take all the time you need to clean up, processes our check & then makes our waitress bring it to me. He shouldn’t have bothered, she still wasn’t on this planet. Waitress: Oh just sign this & leave it wherever. Really? You don’t care where we leave it. Maybe you don’t want the meal paid for or a tip? Hubby returns, I head to the ladies room for much appreciated dry clothes & after cleaning up found my still apologetic husband & headed out to shop. Our waitress wandered by one more time & said I guess I’d better pick up your ticket, all while acting like that simple task was such a huge effort. Who knows, maybe she was still hung over from the New Year’s Eve celebrations. (PS. I still gave her a decent tip. The food was good even if her overall service was scatterbrained.) Lunch was good for a laugh even if I was a bit inconvenienced & didn’t get to finish my cinnamon apples.

We decided to head over to the local Lifeway Christian Store. We’ve always loved poking around in bookstores. I decided to finally invest in my first journaling Bible. Zondervan just released a new NIV with slightly thicker pages. I have had a debate for awhile on whether or not I needed another Bible especially one just for journaling. I enjoy art in all forms, can do a bit of decorative lettering in the very small margins of my The Voice Bible, am always willing to create on whatever is handy whether it’s plain old paper or a sketchbook. After seeing so much art on the local Facebook Journaling Bible community, I decided that I would like to do some special art in a journaling Bible. So here it is…..



It’s actually a deeper blue than this but the natural lighting was off today.


Now to take the plunge & design something for it.

By the way, Lifeway Christian Stores are having a free Bible Journaling event Jan. 12th. Check with your local store for details if you would like to explore more about Bible journaling.

Here are a couple of examples of my Faith based art:



I doodle from time to time during sermons. I sketched this page out awhile back but finally added color to it recently. And the bookmark was a free download offered by a member of the Facebook Bible Journaling Community as a set of 4 different words. I printed it out & colored it on a slow afternoon volunteering at the Salvation Army.

Enjoy the Weekend & Find some time to be creative this week!




Welcome 2016 & New Beginnings!

Welcome to the newly branded Sassy Angel’S Studio or SASS for short. I felt it was time to refresh my ministry & artwork & since my card club is called the Sassy Angel Stampers, why not continue the logo into my new art endeavors.  I love adding color & spunk to life & sharing joy with others to brighten up their day. Blessed to be a blessing!

You may find faith & art inspiration here. A challenge or two. A technique to learn or encouragement for life. I will be sharing cards, scripture art, mixed media & more.

Like many individuals, I have a chosen word for the New Year     GRACE!



I did this piece of art in 2014 but since I only had a short time to get my new blog up & running, I will have to work on a new piece for 2016.

As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 1 Peter 4:10 NASB

There are several definitions of grace. A state of santification through divine grace. A virtue from God. All true & what I believe but my focus for 2016 will be Grace as an act of kindness or courtesy and/or the quality or state of being considerate & thoughtful. Sharing grace with others. Sharing God’s love. I have always loved to make & do nice things for others, so I hope to focus more on blessing others in the new year. Find your word for the year & come along on the journey too.

I will be developing strategies for my blog over the next week or two. Pop back in & check out what’s happening.


Blessings for a Great New Year!