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Studio Makeover Part 2

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It’s been a busy week trying to get the studio into somewhat of a workable state.

The texture & flat paint on the walls and ceiling made 3 coats of paint necessary for the white paint & only 2/3rd’s of the painting  is complete.

Today we got the floor in & started to arrange furniture. It will be bare bones but I can host Angel Club this Monday, Yay!

Here is the beginning of figuring out the pattern.


There is a story to the flooring. When we thought we were going to get the 1st home we offered on, the studio space was going to be smaller. So I figured I would keep the walls white. Hubby suggested colored tiles for the flooring to add some interest so I ordered the blue & green tiles on sale planning to checkerboard the floor. Then the offer fell through on the house and I still had blue & green tiles.

Then we got this house & a bigger studio space. Somewhere in all my research I fell in love with the Teal color for the accent wall not even thinking about having primary blue & green tiles for the floor. It dawned on me about a week ago that they weren’t going to match. So since I needed more tiles to complete the bigger space, I ordered gray tiles to soften the impact of the blue/green. Don’t think it worked all too well but it’s definitely colorful. We went with foam tiles because it is a garage floor, they are mold/mildew resistant in case there is any water issues, they are easy to clean & easy to replace if for some reason a couple get damaged. Very nice to walk on so far.

I don’t have full pictures for impact yet but this was the last corner of the completed floor. We also removed the old, icky blinds revealing the nice arch of the windows. This is the final wall that needs painted as well as the ceiling above it. Do to space considerations, this wall will also hold the paper cabinets between the 2 windows instead of the opposite wall as originally planned. The brown cabinet at the edge of the photo is my 12 x 12 paper cabinet.


We still needed space for the small freezer & whole house filtration system so I had to move my work area down the back wall a bit. Trying to utilize the space as well as possible isn’t as easy as you’d think. This is a trial placement along with some items that still need homes until the painting is finished. You can see where we removed the blinds on this window & I still need to paint where they were.


It’s going to be a nice space once I figure everything out, the guys help with a few more things like more lighting & electrical & we finally decide on the garage door/separate entrance. The available wall space to hang/display things will take some thought. I have 2 inkpad units on order, & quite a few other things to figure out.

It may or may not be good news that we are going to Dallas to visit IKEA this week. I could get into more trouble & have to figure out more organization.

Stay tuned for additional updates & a final tour as it nears completion.

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Studio Makeover Part 1

Welcome back to my blog!

As many of you know, we embarked on selling our old home earlier this year & tried to find a slice of heaven to call our own, give me a studio to hold classes in & continue our ministry work. After some bumps along the way, that dream came true on July 1st.  Two beautiful wooded acres & room for my studio. (The former owners took the bench & plant pots so I have some landscaping to do.)



The bumps continued after we moved in. We were hoping to put most of the stuff that didn’t have to be unpacked immediately into the 30 x 40 foot shop on the property & stage it into the house. Well the shop was infested with black & red wasps & hornets. So everything either went into our tiniest bedroom inside the house, it is currently packed floor to ceiling, or into the garage that is becoming my studio. So I was delayed from starting on the studio until we could unpack some & organize more. We actually held Angel Club by email/text/Facebook messaging last month. Progress has been slow but steady & we were finally able to start working on the studio a couple of weeks ago.

Here is an overview of the soon to be Sassy AngelS Studio with the garage door open. (We are parking our cars in the now wasp/hornet free shop.)  The back left corner will host the new whole house filtration system & the baby deep freezer. The nearly 470 remaining square feet will be studio space.


Most of the furniture you see to one side is part of the studio furniture waiting to be placed in its final location. Before we got to this point, the garage floor was scrubbed, the flourescent light was replaced with a new LED fixture, the water softener (which didn’t work right) was removed to make way for the new whole house filtration system (blue tanks in picture),  old crummy shelves & peg board were removed from the back wall & the air conditioner was set up (so necessary in the Oklahoma heat). This step occurred about 2 weeks ago.


The air conditioner still needs its final insulation & securing & it will be finished but it functions for now. So far nothing in the house is standard, so the guys had to improvise on a support shelf. It works great keeping the space cool & we’ll work on heating solutions in Sept/Oct as it cools down into fall. Fortunately the attic above the garage is spray foam insulated & the guys are going to add some extra loose insulation under the floor boards to help keep the studio more temperature controlled.

Which brings us to the current progress on the studio. Last week my good friend Sue came to help & we got the walls scrubbed down & the first coats of paint on the back & left wall. I got the second coat of Bali Hai Teal (an HGTV dream home color) on the North wall today. So here are the remaining pictures.


The pipes you see in the left corner are to hook up the filtration system & the freezer will go in that corner. To the far left is the entry into the house where the laundry room is & a large sink to wash up paintbrushes & stencils in.  The remainder of the wall will eventually house my standing work station. It will hold my cutters & die cut machines.


This is the West wall & after its 2nd coat of paint tomorrow will house my giant paper shelves. Still working on a camouflage for the electrical panel & the guys will remove the old phone box & we’ll flat cover it.


This is a peek at the East wall around the studio furniture pile up. As you can see there are 2 nice size windows to let in natural light, one housing the air conditioner. Not quite sure what will go on this wall yet. The plug in the center of the wall is the access to the well pump electrical, so probably nothing heavy & tall. It still needs painted. About 90% of the house was painted in a crappy peachy beige that has an awful yellowish tint in certain light. Yuck! Needless to say, the whole interior of the house will receive fresh paint over the next few months. My custom designed worktop & the classroom tables & chairs will be arranged in the middle of the space.


This is high on my wish list for the studio. It’s a Walk-Thru garage door, fully insulated, additional windows & will give me a dedicated entrance to the studio & still functions as a regular garage door, so no permits from the city needed. We are still figuring out the logistics, it will take 4-6 weeks to get here after ordering & we have to find a local installer for it.

On the schedule for the rest of this week is finishing the paint, laying the floor tiles (I’ll have to order more), setting the paper shelves into place & getting the tables & chairs up for club next Monday. It will be bare bones but I will be able to host club for the 1st time in the new studio. So excited!

Hope you liked this sneak peek into the studio progress. I am working to update the class calendar & will have more studio updates as it takes shape.

Make time to be creative this week!


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Organizing My Fun Stampers Journey Stamps

Wow! Life has certainly been a roller coaster around here. Finding a new home & selling ours certainly takes time & adds stress to an already busy schedule. If everything goes well we’ll be moving in 2 short weeks into our new home complete with a classroom for my classes. Woohoo!

Since becoming a Fun Stampers Journey Coach, I have been brainstorming ideas on how best to keep my new supplies organized & easy to use. So I settled on the first priority, having my stamps close at hand to use in my projects. FSJ stamps come in gusseted envelopes, not bad for the everyday stamper, but with teaching & multiple use, they can start to look shabby fast. So I turned to my new favorite storage, Interdesign Refrigerator Bins. I love how sturdy they are, several come with carry handles, they are clear & I can find the perfect sizes for my art supplies. Then I  added clear envelopes to house my stamps. I decided on the C-Thru Reusable Dry Erase Pockets designed for classrooms, sturdy for sure. Now I trimmed my envelopes with my stamp index on them to fit the pockets. If I think I’ll want to rehome a set after it retires, I would probably copy the front of the envelope instead & store the envelope away  to retrieve later.  Here is what my system looks like:

Stamp-Storage Stamp-Storage-2 Stamp-Storage-3


As you can see the C-Thru pockets come in different colors & can be used to further organize & divide my stamp sets.  The Beautiful Bride (SS-0253 Spring Into Summer Mini Catalog) stamp set featured  shows how the index & stamps appear front & back in the pocket. The bin rests on the corner of my work table within easy reach for my projects. I estimate it will hold about 40 – 50 stamp sets. I can fit 2-3 of the smaller ATS stamp sets into one pocket.

A C-Thru pocket also currently houses my FSJ stencils.


Now several of our stamp sets come with matching dies. I don’t mind separating my dies into an Artbin Magnetic Die Storage Case. I now own 10 of them sorted by stamp company & 2 of them are for Fun Stampers Journey dies! I label each sheet with the Die set name, catalog number, the number of dies in the set & if the die is retired.


A trick I have learned especially when teaching a class or doing a project with multiple dies is to keep one magnetic sheet available to keep all the dies on for that particular project. When class is done, I just return them to their correct sheet. My students & I are less likely to misplace a die this way, even the tiniest ones.

Thanks for peeking in on my studio storage ideas.

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Have a Fabulous Weekend!



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One of a Kind

Wow the past couple of weeks have just been off kilter. Was going for an average of 3 posts a week & have either been running non-stop or flat out with bronchitis. Still trying to work on a schedule balance.

Even in the craziness blessings pop up. My friend Mitzi posted for sale this beautiful island/work station her husband Lloyd crafted out of a vintage work bench, with a vintage marble counter top & vintage yardsticks that he inlaid on the top. I’m thinking great artroom work top & do I dare ask the price but couldn’t resist checking it out up close & personal. I’ve been trying to be good budget wise but I really liked this island so I bought it & now it’s in my studio ready to use. It’s the perfect counter top height to work at. I think it’s fabulous and every home should have a unique one of a kind creation.



Here is the top in detail.



After I get the rest of the studio cleaned up to be useful again, I can go back to creating where I’m supposed to. It’s going to be a juggling act the whole time we are fixing the house up to sell, stage & finding a new home. Part of my stuff is already packed & many items have shifted thus the mess. Much more can be packed or purged.  I need to keep designing for club, classes & blessings so will make it work.

One of my biggest revelations in the midst of all the chaos is that if it is causing me unnecessary stress, it’s time for it to move on or be tossed. Refreshing. A lot of stuff may be finding a new home real soon or the recycle bin.

We are praying that God will have the perfect home for us with space for classes & ministry work. We would greatly appreciate if you join us in that prayer.

Go after your dreams this week and do something creative.