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Hooray for Cake C9 Summer Camp

Hi Friends!

Today’s Creative Adventure is Interactive Cards. For me they are always fun but sometimes intimidating to try. This Let’s Eat Cake die & stamp set looked complicated but was really quite easy to work worth.

For as creative as I am, me & technical are not friends and interactive cards are usually technical. So I do better if I can watch it being assembled step by step. I love classes & tutorial videos for these type of projects.

My #1 suggestion is to always see if you can find several instructional videos on a project that might seem difficult. If you find the right instructor it helps a lot. If it’s a die like this card’s main feature, check out the company’s instructions & what their designers did with it. For this card the slider feature was designed right into the dies and after a couple of video walk-throughs, I got it. I always feel accomplished if something I thought was hard works out great.

Suggestion #2 is don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone & try a project. You may decide you don’t like a particular technique but by trying it out you expand your creative knowledge, tips & tricks for future creating. You also may fall in love with the technique & go on to create many variations of it.

So what is your favorite type of interactive card? A pop-up? Slider? Shaker? There are many possibilities when you start exploring moving parts on cards and albums.


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