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One of a Kind

Wow the past couple of weeks have just been off kilter. Was going for an average of 3 posts a week & have either been running non-stop or flat out with bronchitis. Still trying to work on a schedule balance.

Even in the craziness blessings pop up. My friend Mitzi posted for sale this beautiful island/work station her husband Lloyd crafted out of a vintage work bench, with a vintage marble counter top & vintage yardsticks that he inlaid on the top. I’m thinking great artroom work top & do I dare ask the price but couldn’t resist checking it out up close & personal. I’ve been trying to be good budget wise but I really liked this island so I bought it & now it’s in my studio ready to use. It’s the perfect counter top height to work at. I think it’s fabulous and every home should have a unique one of a kind creation.



Here is the top in detail.



After I get the rest of the studio cleaned up to be useful again, I can go back to creating where I’m supposed to. It’s going to be a juggling act the whole time we are fixing the house up to sell, stage & finding a new home. Part of my stuff is already packed & many items have shifted thus the mess. Much more can be packed or purged.  I need to keep designing for club, classes & blessings so will make it work.

One of my biggest revelations in the midst of all the chaos is that if it is causing me unnecessary stress, it’s time for it to move on or be tossed. Refreshing. A lot of stuff may be finding a new home real soon or the recycle bin.

We are praying that God will have the perfect home for us with space for classes & ministry work. We would greatly appreciate if you join us in that prayer.

Go after your dreams this week and do something creative.



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