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Pretty Petals – Concord & 9th In The Classroom

Hi Angels!

My final share from last weekend’s event. I’m knee deep in this weekend’s event with 19 classes and/or demos. Since I started yesterday with a severe migraine, I threw the live schedule out the window & am working off the videos after the lives.

I love the different style of these stamps & dies from the Pretty Petals set. The small one is notecard size.

This is one of the main reasons I like Concord & 9th, their designs are a bit outside of the box. Once you have a half a dozen companies all coming out with the same thing like sunflowers, they all start to blend together & start looking the same. Concord & 9th produces unique designs.

It’s going to be so much fun when the new colors release next month.

Off to get some rest for tomorrow’s marathon of classes.

Enjoy your weekend.


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